i'll find you someday my beloved princess
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love story - kevs

the first time that i saw you was the very beginning of something new for me.

something that trigger my heart to fall for you at first sight.

all i can do was only too look at your back whenever i saw you,

i never saw your face because i was so what you call shy type.

but whenever i see  you my heart keeps on racing without an end only for you,

all the time, all i can feel is goose bump running through my entire body.

so much joy, i continued to look at you. until school has ended.

but by the time that school return, all i was hoping for is that please put us.

in the same class i want too know her, i want too be her friend, i want to be his lover

i prayed for it non-stop and by chance at the time that sections are being given to

each students. i saw her with her four friends. and that would be the first time

that i got to see her face, and yes she was so beautiful that it made me love her 

even more,

as i go, look for what section i might be it turn out that i was section at 

2st. Dominic, after that, i rush too where she was, and she’s still there talking

happily with her friends and suddenly i heard that she was 2St- Anastasia 

i feel really sad about hearing it, and go home, depressed and such things.

and when school came once again, i was really late and its afternoon class already 

which is p.e, when i first came in a saw her. and their onward begin our friendship

to be continue 

avoid 100%

anything will do :D

waaaaa i don’t know if its me or what

> Too macaronisalad

about the kwento thingy is that my story?

when you miss someone

*you get bored immediately

*it feels lonely all of a sudden

*you want to hear his/her voice on the telephone/cellphone/or skype etc

*you feel like there’s no color in your life like its all pitch black

*you keep on thinking some fantasies that your with he/she

*you’ll text and text him/she for many hours

*you’ll go crazy that you’ll hug your pillow tightly thinking of him/she

*you will look at his/her picture

*and more about pillow not just hug even kissing the pillow

*you tend to get mad at him/she if him/she is doing some work

thats all i could say :D



when you hear what your hater says about you.

i Wonder who are you talking about.

kilig moments

*when he/she hold your hands for the first time

*when he/she is so close to you.

*when he/she leans there head to your shoulder

*when he/she said some romantic words to you

*when he/she told you that “iloveyou” for the first time

*when he/she said that i miss you so badly

*when he/she does nose to nose to you

*when he/she hugs you for the first time

*when he/she give you present

*when he/she kiss you for the first time

*when you know that he/she is jealous for the first time

*when he/she make some “banat” to you

haha :D tAma kaya

guh :’( damn i feel sick grrr

feeling sick……….. i hope i can take the test tomorrow ………

> ikaw oo ikaw loko maghanda ka sa mga kasalanan mo tamaan ka sana nang kidlat ni zeus <

…> u never failed to make me alot more irritated than what u did to my nemu <

nemu was precious to me yet because of you little runt grrrr

may i strike you down with my freaking fist or should just jump at you

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